Monday, September 10, 2001

Greatest of All Time - PF Chang's Great Wall of Chocolate

AMAZING!!! A literal Great Wall of Chocolate Cake

I didn't even know PF Chang's had dessert other than Fortune Cookies, but boy was I wrong.

This could be the biggest best good old fashioned plain chocolate fudge cake I have ever had. This concoction has 6 layers of cake with chocolate fudge icing between and all around + chocolate chips all over the sides.

Available at PF Chang's (, but you need to ask for it- never seen it on a menu.

Really good, while waiting for my 3rd kiddo to arrive- soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2001

What A Birthday- a suprise 40th party!

Well, my beautiful wife does it again!! I love you Amy!

I love my family and I love chocolate.
Happy Birthday to me!

I really don't like surprises and birthdays are only terrific if you consider they are a natural excuse to eat more chocolate cake.

What I never expected was a Chocolate Themed Surprise Party that would be the feature in a national magazine!! I think all of my family and friends were just as surprised and we all were delighted when munching on "everything" chocolate from all over the world.

Rosie hired designers and decorators and chefs to make it the best of birthdays- chocolate style.

Thanks also to Heidi and Rosie for a grEAT night!!