Friday, December 15, 2006

NYC: Charbonnel et Walker at Sak's Fifth Ave- Conveyor Belt- really?

Stopped by to check out the new chocolate store on the 8th floor of Sak's Fifth Ave.  OUTSTANDING idea.  Got the Drinking Chocolate drink and the Molton Chocolate Cake..  They were terrific!!

I really love the conveyor belt running in front of me at the counter, like "Blue C Sushi" at U. Village in Seattle. So here's the deal, as you try and you eat the amazing dessert you chose, they swing what seems like hundreds of other goodies in front of you, continuously, to challenge you decision or make you eat more than you can handle.  Either way, way too cruel of a joke.

But that is why I must go back- to try more + that is why I call this site eatMOREchocolate.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Corner Bakery Cafe - in a neighborhood near you...

What has mini M&Ms, chocolate chips, is crunchy around the edges and is soft on the inside?

What is fudgey decadent and moist with chocolate chips in every bite and an abundance of powdered sugar on top?

What is rich and sweet in chocolate with a hole in the center and just the perfect amount of icing on top?

Of course I am talking about the Monster Cookie, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Baby Chocolate Bundt Cake at Corner Bakery Cafe. (also featured are the always good and fresh chocolate chip cookies)

I used to scout real estate for this group and got immediately addicted to these goodies.  Although CB has many locations, it is hard to call this a chain.  Each location blends into it's neighborhood as if it has been there for generations.

I use Corner Bakery wherever I am as a second office- breakfast and lunch meetings and of course an afternoon snack place.  Always great!