Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reminiscing - Camden, Maine- Holy "Belted" Cow

Seven years ago tonight, Amy and I had the pleasure of joining my parents in Maine, for a long weekend.  In retrospect, it was a spectacularly timed trip for a number of reasons.  My father and I shared a love for ice cream, so he was so excited to take me to his favorite parlor, the Camden Cone, for a "collassal" ice cream cone (not a bowl) sundae- made up with our favorite flavors. 

We have a ranch and have always admired the look of "Belted" Cows.  Dad found this delicious ice cream dessert in Maine that looks like and is named after "the" cow but tastes as good as any Sundae ever put in our mouths.. makes me hungry just thinking about it...  Bands of Hot Fudge somehow nestled between Vanilla Ice Cream scoops with whipped cream and an Oreo on top.
Namesake for Special Ice Cream Cone  "The Belted Cow"

Thanks Dad  : ) 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chocomize: Make it your way and it tastes great

Custom Chocolate Bars- what a GREAT idea!

Here comes 3 college graduates with a great idea: Chocomize

Take fantastic Belgian dark, white, or milk chocolate and let the customer chose up to 5 toppings to add. They have over a hundred mixes so the possibilities are endless.  Put the choice in a mold, let it harden, smartly package it and then send it off for second day delivery .

I ordered my first order, among other things:

*Milk Chocolate with oreo pieces, dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips (I call this the  EatMoreChocolate bar)- love it!

Milk Chocolate with mini marshmallows and graham crackers (a smore)
Dark Chocolate with caramel pieces + marshmallow
Dark Chocolate with hard peppermint candy
Milk Chocolate with Corn Flakes (like Panache in Kansas City)

Each Bar was terrific.

They don't have a store but ordering online is easy; and it was well worth the 48 hour wait.