Friday, May 07, 2010

Columbus: Sugardaddy's - relax, it is clean and still very good

Plain Jane

 Sugardaddy's Sweeties are terrific.

Caramel Sweetie
While I was in Columbus I stumbled across this institution.  Hockey Puck style brownies called "Sweeties".

I really loved the round look and the big taste.  I then sent a box to a Columbus client and they were impressed I had found the place and said they loved it too.

Drunken Chunky
Didn't have much time to explore everything they sell but did try 2 "Sumptuous Brunettes"-  the "Plain Jane" and the "Caramel" as well as a "Blonde Sweetie"- the "Drunken Chunky".  

Great packaging and terrific gift ideas available online at Sugardaddy's website