Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Creme Egg or Nesteggs? - that is the question.

Easter already?  My local grocery store, Tom Thumb (Safeway) has just put out some of my favorite once-a-year treats, including Nestle Crunch NestEggs and Cadbury mini Creme Eggs.

This brings on the annual tug-a-war that I have with myself.  I love Nestle Crunch bars and the consistency of a smaller thicker Nestegg version seems to make the Crunch even better.  The Cadbury Creme Egg is really only readily available at Easter and is a seasonal favorite. The mini version is genius. How do they so exprertly mix the white and yellow creme into such a small chocolate "shell"?

So which one do I "go to" in a pinch?  The answer is quite simple: mix them in a bowl and grab which ever one my fingers get a hold of first.  This pot luck random selection process is great because I never lose!

Also, because I am eating the "minis" I can eat more and not feel guilty..... right?  : )

Sunday, February 13, 2011

EMC video blogs & a new website are on the way....

I am so excited to announce a new way to deliver info to my avid followers: video blogs.

The EMC team has been working hard to put together video clips of our recent visit to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. We also toured and interviewed several important chocolatiers and chocolate store owners while in San Francisco.  We hope to start uploading in a few weeks.

Also, we have a new website to be introduced in May.

Lot's happening at Eat More Chocolate!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dallas: Krispy Kreme- CHOCOLATE FILLING!!

I seem to be on a Donut run right now- where else should you go when fighting ice storms.  I hit Jerry's last week.  This week, I am back at Krispy Kreme and....CHOCOLATE FILLING!?

(OK, I guess my diet kept me away too long, because I understand this has been out for few weeks.)

KK has created a new "chocolate" creme filling to add to their already exceptional donut lineup.

For years I have written to the powers that be and talked to the local manager and have practically begged for this treat.  I know Boston Creme Donuts have vanilla creme, but I wanted to see chocolate inside and for years KK was denying my ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction.  

Now, I am extremely happy!

I hope this delicious addition is here for good. It is terrific.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

TV: Food Network- "Covered in Chocolate" weekend

Food Network TV shows will have lots of chocolate segments to enjoy Saturday, February 5th and Sunday, February 6th:
 5 Ingredient Fix: Saturday, February 5th at 9:30am, “My Fave Classics”
Chocolate Soufflé.

Paula’s Best Dishes: Saturday, February 5th at 10am, “Always Room for Chocolate”Milk Chocolate and Almond Brickle, Chocolate Explosion Cheesecake and Chocolate Cream Puffs with Hazelnut Filling.

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef: Saturday, February 5th at 11pm, “Gulf Shrimp Jambalaya”  
Fluffy Beignets and Super Thick Hot Chocolate for dessert.

Barefoot Contessa: Saturday, February 5th at 12pm, “Old School Retro Mix” 
Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake.

Challenge:  Saturday, February 5th at 5pm, “Chocolate Wonders”
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Unwrapped: Saturday, February 5th at 6pm, “Valentine's Unwrapped
Whitman's Sampler, red velvet cake, body paint

Giada at Home: Sunday, February 6th at 9am, “Valentine’s Day”
Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Pizzelles, Chocolate and Coconut Lace Cookies

Cooking For Real:  Sunday, February 6th at 10am, “Pots of Gold”
Molten-Chocolate Cake

Aarti Party: Sunday, February 6th at 10:30am, “Warm Me Up”
Spiced Hot Chocolate.

Sandra’s Money Saving Meals: Sunday, February 6th at 11am, “Chocolate Feast”Savory Pear Bites with White Chocolate, Pan Roasted Rib Eye Steaks with Chocolate Savory Sauce served with SautĂ©ed Mushrooms and Onions, and Milk Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Icing and a Frozen Hot Chocolate Martini.

Ten Dollar Dinners: Sunday, February 6th at 11:30am, “Melissa’s 4-Step Finish”  
Chocolate Sponge Puddings.

Down Home with the Neelys: Sunday, February 6th at 12pm, “Snack Attack!” 
Chocolate “Chips” and Death by Chocolate Martinis.!

Guy's Big Bite: Sunday, February 6th at 12:30pm,
Chile-Dusted Chocolate Quesadillas