Friday, July 29, 2011


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Friday, May 13, 2011

The 'Triple Double' is on the way!

I love the Oreo.  My kids love the Oreo.  Our Cookie Jar is filled with Oreos 365 days a year. My Dog is named Oreo.

We have tried every form and flavor  but now Nabisco may have topped it all.

Rumors abound that the Triple Double will arrive at the local stores this summer.  Three layers of chocolate Oreo wafers with two layers of double stuffed creme, one chocolate and one vanilla.

I'll line up early to get my hands on this newest sensation.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Online: Chocomize- Really Terrific Custom Chocolate Bars

Apology: I did this interview in November and just realized it did not post.  My thanks to the guys at Chocomize for indulging my visit, answering my questions and showing me around their facility.

I really like Chocomize!  The idea of creating your own bar from premium ingredients is a dream come true.  I had the chance to visit with Eric Heinbockel and Fabian Kaempfer of Chocomize at their facility and I so admire their vision, work ethic and tenacity.

It is not easy to start a new concept.  It takes hard work, passion for what you are doing and drive to keep going, especially in the beginning, and the guys that are bringing you Chocomize are definitely living that dream/ reality.

Praised and reported by numerous national magazines and shows, I just had to make a trip to Cherry Hill, NJ, just outside Phily to see this operation first hand.  The facility is unassuming from the outside, but on the inside they are putting together just what the customer wants... literally.

Chocomize has made it simple for us to buy whatever we want.  You go online and head to the "creation station" and start by picking your favorite base (milk, white or dark).  These guys don't mess around, they are using high quality European chocolate and then the fun begins... you get to select up to 5 of your favorite toppings- from over 100 options of nuts & seeds, fruits, herbs &spices, candy, decorations and other goodies.

I had purchased and eaten several bars before arriving in New Jersey (see September 13, 2010). I particularly liked the milk chocolate bar with oreo, dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.  I called it my "eat more chocolate" bar- of course.  I also made milk chocolate with graham teddies and mini marshmallows- my "smores" bar.  I even tried a combo I found in a different setting at Panache in Kansas City- Milk Chocolate with Corn Flakes.  All were really good because of the exceptional base chocolate that Chocomize uses.

Terrific work Guys- you're on to something really big here..  I loved the visit. Thanks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dallas: La Duni- Hall of Fame Desserts

Venezuelan Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake
Nutella Milk Chocolate Cake

 People often ask me where is my favorite place to eat chocolate desserts or what is my favorite chocolate.

These are impossible questions for me to answer, because I really don't have a true favorite.

I love all types of chocolate and am constantly amazed at how creative and ingenious people are in finding new ways to use this amazing ingredient..

I do have some special places I go for an immediate fix when I am in need.  One of those haunts is La Duni in Dallas.  Started by Dunia and Taco Borga, Dunia has become one of the finest pastry chefs in America.   La Duni's Nutella Milk Chocolate and Venezuelan Triple Chocolate Truffle Cakes are amongst the best I have ever eaten.

Cuatro Leches Cake

Although I just can't pick favorite chocolate treats, I do think her Cuatro Leches Cake is one of the best non-chocolate dessert I have ever eaten.  I think it has white chocolate in it and that's why I love it so much, but I'm told it does not...

When I opened my Current Energy store on Knox Street in Dallas a few years back, I had La Duni cater the grand opening party.  They made miniature bite-size versions of each of these 3 desserts.  No one left the party that didn't ask "where did those desserts come from". We had them again, this time in cupcake form, for another family celebration last year and again, these fantastic desserts were wildly acclaimed.

Definitely, La Duni is deserving of admittance into Joe's Chocolate Hall of Fame for their outstanding use of chocolate in cakes and other great desserts, too!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Addison, Tx: J. Dorian Chocolatier

It is with great sadness that I must report my friend and great chocolatier J. Dorian has decided to close shop, effective immediately.  Dorian, don't stay retired to long....
Great Chocolate by J. Dorian





Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Creme Egg or Nesteggs? - that is the question.

Easter already?  My local grocery store, Tom Thumb (Safeway) has just put out some of my favorite once-a-year treats, including Nestle Crunch NestEggs and Cadbury mini Creme Eggs.

This brings on the annual tug-a-war that I have with myself.  I love Nestle Crunch bars and the consistency of a smaller thicker Nestegg version seems to make the Crunch even better.  The Cadbury Creme Egg is really only readily available at Easter and is a seasonal favorite. The mini version is genius. How do they so exprertly mix the white and yellow creme into such a small chocolate "shell"?

So which one do I "go to" in a pinch?  The answer is quite simple: mix them in a bowl and grab which ever one my fingers get a hold of first.  This pot luck random selection process is great because I never lose!

Also, because I am eating the "minis" I can eat more and not feel guilty..... right?  : )

Sunday, February 13, 2011

EMC video blogs & a new website are on the way....

I am so excited to announce a new way to deliver info to my avid followers: video blogs.

The EMC team has been working hard to put together video clips of our recent visit to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. We also toured and interviewed several important chocolatiers and chocolate store owners while in San Francisco.  We hope to start uploading in a few weeks.

Also, we have a new website to be introduced in May.

Lot's happening at Eat More Chocolate!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dallas: Krispy Kreme- CHOCOLATE FILLING!!

I seem to be on a Donut run right now- where else should you go when fighting ice storms.  I hit Jerry's last week.  This week, I am back at Krispy Kreme and....CHOCOLATE FILLING!?

(OK, I guess my diet kept me away too long, because I understand this has been out for few weeks.)

KK has created a new "chocolate" creme filling to add to their already exceptional donut lineup.

For years I have written to the powers that be and talked to the local manager and have practically begged for this treat.  I know Boston Creme Donuts have vanilla creme, but I wanted to see chocolate inside and for years KK was denying my ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction.  

Now, I am extremely happy!

I hope this delicious addition is here for good. It is terrific.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

TV: Food Network- "Covered in Chocolate" weekend

Food Network TV shows will have lots of chocolate segments to enjoy Saturday, February 5th and Sunday, February 6th:
 5 Ingredient Fix: Saturday, February 5th at 9:30am, “My Fave Classics”
Chocolate Soufflé.

Paula’s Best Dishes: Saturday, February 5th at 10am, “Always Room for Chocolate”Milk Chocolate and Almond Brickle, Chocolate Explosion Cheesecake and Chocolate Cream Puffs with Hazelnut Filling.

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef: Saturday, February 5th at 11pm, “Gulf Shrimp Jambalaya”  
Fluffy Beignets and Super Thick Hot Chocolate for dessert.

Barefoot Contessa: Saturday, February 5th at 12pm, “Old School Retro Mix” 
Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake.

Challenge:  Saturday, February 5th at 5pm, “Chocolate Wonders”
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Unwrapped: Saturday, February 5th at 6pm, “Valentine's Unwrapped
Whitman's Sampler, red velvet cake, body paint

Giada at Home: Sunday, February 6th at 9am, “Valentine’s Day”
Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Pizzelles, Chocolate and Coconut Lace Cookies

Cooking For Real:  Sunday, February 6th at 10am, “Pots of Gold”
Molten-Chocolate Cake

Aarti Party: Sunday, February 6th at 10:30am, “Warm Me Up”
Spiced Hot Chocolate.

Sandra’s Money Saving Meals: Sunday, February 6th at 11am, “Chocolate Feast”Savory Pear Bites with White Chocolate, Pan Roasted Rib Eye Steaks with Chocolate Savory Sauce served with SautĂ©ed Mushrooms and Onions, and Milk Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Icing and a Frozen Hot Chocolate Martini.

Ten Dollar Dinners: Sunday, February 6th at 11:30am, “Melissa’s 4-Step Finish”  
Chocolate Sponge Puddings.

Down Home with the Neelys: Sunday, February 6th at 12pm, “Snack Attack!” 
Chocolate “Chips” and Death by Chocolate Martinis.!

Guy's Big Bite: Sunday, February 6th at 12:30pm,
Chile-Dusted Chocolate Quesadillas 


Friday, January 28, 2011

Dallas: Jerry's Donuts- What a find, just in time for the Super Bowl

The DFW Metroplex is known for it's donut (or doughnut) shops. Those that know have told me that in this region there are more donut shops per person than anywhere else on the planet.  Almost every major strip center has a shop, with many intersections having 2 or 3.  That must mean we know more about the fried pastry than almost anyone - choices abound and I have tried most.  I have my normal pattern of hitting my favorite 2 or 3 on a fairly regular basis: Krispy Kreme, Shipley's and most recently Hypnotic to name 3.  Add chocolate to a hot donut and you have the perfect breakfast.
For those living in Farmer's Branch, TX, this may not come as a shock or surprise, but for me, a North Dallasite, I feel like my whole donut world has been rocked. Today I found Jerry's.

Jerry's "chocolate 'filled' donuts" to be exact.  As you can see, Jerry has conveniently filled the hole with his absolutely delicious chocolate icing.  It is a different experience than a traditional chocolate iced donut.  Jerry starts with an original glazed donut (a must for a great chocolate iced) and then adds the chocolate in the middle. Jerry's chocolate is terrific!  My hats off to Jerry for this great concoction.

If you are in town for the Super Bowl, drop by and experience the other Jerry's world .  Don't be confused by the outside, you won't find a taste like this at many other places in the country.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Aspen: Paradise Bakery- a Aspen Institution.

This is what Aspen is all about (for me).

EVERYONE in Aspen knows and has experienced Paradise Bakery. Summer or Winter, this place churns out some of the best brownies and cookies and ice cream that can be found anywhere.

This trip I only went once- we had so much chocolate from my Fancy Food show excursion, it wasn't right to add more to that mix.

Because of time constraints, I just got the basics- cream cheese and chocolate double fudge brownies and cookies- chocolate chip, triple chocolate and snicker-doodle. PB never changes!  These delectables are the same goodness today as they were when I had my first about 30 years ago.

Oh yea, not chocolate but the cinnamon rolls are unbelievable too!  : )

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Mass: Waffle Shrine & such a Sweet Life + Hot Chocolate

Weather was terrific today, so I headed to the slopes for a few hours to get some skiing in. I can really work up an appetite for hot chocolate on the slopes but was so excited at the bottom of the hill to see two new places to eat more chocolate.

In the new Snowmass Base Village, you will find Sweet Life and Waffle Shrine.  Waffle Shrine makes terrific waffles right at the entrance to the lift.  You can get a little chocolate and whipped cream to add to this waffle treat.  Good at breakfast or immediately after a hard day of skiing.
The Sweet Life is a candy store complete with every type of chocolate, gummy, candy and ice cream just across the path from the Waffle Shrine.  Great place to stock up for the slopes or to reload after you come off the mountain.
After a few runs, I took a quick siesta from skiing with our good friend Gilian to enjoy some great hot chocolate at Sam's Smokehouse.  We were about to go for cup 2, when her husband Steve aborted our mission- getting us back on the mountain for a group picture.
Love Snowmass this time of year!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aspen: CP Burger- great milkshake

Aspen has a new Burger joint. CP Burger at the ice rink serves up a really good hamburger and really great shakes.

I hadn't planed on ordering a shake but my friends Larry and Beth did and they handed one to me when the order hit the table.

Wow- this non-spiked shake was chocolate with oreo bits in it.  

I'll certainly be ordering one next time!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fluffernutter with a different spin- chocolate.

From Wikipedia: "A fluffernutter is a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow creme.  It is particularly popular in the Northeastern United States and has been proposed as the official Massachusetts state sandwich."

Chefs constantly tweak their recipes in the constant search for the perfect dish. My never ending search for finding ways to eat more chocolate led me to the kitchen and a twist to this old favorite sandwich.

Today I made my first fluffernutter sandwich of the year using Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co.  Adding chocolate to an already great sandwich recipe adds a really nice new chocolaty option to my lunch repertoire.