Friday, December 31, 2004

Welcome To Blogspot and blogging

January 1, 2005

As many of you know, I sold one of my businesses in the summer of 2004 and am winding down another over the next few years. As the year was coming to an end in December, I was approached by an old friend with an idea to take my semi-famous website to a higher level, by creating a Blog based on Chocolate.

Until he mentioned it, I really didn’t know what a Blog was- though I guess I’d read a few, I just didn’t know any of vernacular or how it works. I did some research and after reading about Blogs on the Internet, I soon realized, it was nothing more than what I have been doing with my updates on The only difference is a Blog makes it much easier for you to respond.

My friends, the feedback offered through the Blog is precisely the help I need to continue my quest to find my personal holy grail- great Chocolate of the world. I think the possibilities for this format are vast---



Michael A. Harberg said...

Time to update your blog, Uncle Joe, if I am going to keep giving you all this free publicity from my blog. (


Anonymous said...

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