Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dallas: Chocolate Secrets- "yes, yes, yes"

I do a radio show every Saturday at KLIF 570-AM in the Oaklawn district in Dallas.

I "secretly" sneak into Chocolate Secrets for their OUTSTANDING chocolate truffles and take some to eat on the air.....  so much for my diet.
My favorites:

Go for the 3 layers:
"Yes, Yes, Yes",  "Spoil Me" and "Tell Me Now"

"Yes,Yes,Yes"! This very large truffle has three layers of rich chocolate. It has a dark chocolate center, surrounded by a milk chocolate layer and dipped in a white chocolate outside. (left above)

"Spoil Me"!  Another large 3 layer truffle with a milk chocolate outer layer then a dark chocolate layer leading to a milk chocolate fudge center. (#2 from left above)

"Take Me Now"!  A very rich dark chocolate fudge center with a milk chocolate middle layer surrounded by a dark chocolate outer layer. (#3 from left above)

"Dark Tipsy Champagne"!  A rich dark chocolate truffle with a dark chocolate champagne infused fudge center.