Friday, April 30, 2004

New Orleans: "The Jackson Square"- Southern Candymakers

New Orleans: The name of the store is Southern Candymakers ( and the candy is called "The Jackson Square". This is a small chocolate store on the left, on the way to Cafè Du Monde from Canal Place (across from the Jackson Brewery). They feature a peanut butter-crispy chocolate square, something that is out of this world. Don´t miss an opportunity to try this one; it is a treat!

This is one of the all time great candy stores in the US. The store is a maze of pralines, caramels, toffees and chocolates. Enjoy the visit.

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Anonymous said...

Bought some on our trip to NOLA: They are amazing--chocolate with peanut butter, caramel and some cereal crisps embedded in the bottom of the treat. Bought ours in a candy shop on Royal Street and they are drizzled on top with white chocolate colored purple and green. They were expensive at $13.99 for six. They were meant as a gift but I couldn't resist them and opened the box. So glad I did! Will give my friend the box of original pralines and never mention that I ate what was meant to be her present :o)