Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dallas: Krispy Kreme- CHOCOLATE FILLING!!

I seem to be on a Donut run right now- where else should you go when fighting ice storms.  I hit Jerry's last week.  This week, I am back at Krispy Kreme and....CHOCOLATE FILLING!?

(OK, I guess my diet kept me away too long, because I understand this has been out for few weeks.)

KK has created a new "chocolate" creme filling to add to their already exceptional donut lineup.

For years I have written to the powers that be and talked to the local manager and have practically begged for this treat.  I know Boston Creme Donuts have vanilla creme, but I wanted to see chocolate inside and for years KK was denying my ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction.  

Now, I am extremely happy!

I hope this delicious addition is here for good. It is terrific.

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