Saturday, April 02, 2011

Online: Chocomize- Really Terrific Custom Chocolate Bars

Apology: I did this interview in November and just realized it did not post.  My thanks to the guys at Chocomize for indulging my visit, answering my questions and showing me around their facility.

I really like Chocomize!  The idea of creating your own bar from premium ingredients is a dream come true.  I had the chance to visit with Eric Heinbockel and Fabian Kaempfer of Chocomize at their facility and I so admire their vision, work ethic and tenacity.

It is not easy to start a new concept.  It takes hard work, passion for what you are doing and drive to keep going, especially in the beginning, and the guys that are bringing you Chocomize are definitely living that dream/ reality.

Praised and reported by numerous national magazines and shows, I just had to make a trip to Cherry Hill, NJ, just outside Phily to see this operation first hand.  The facility is unassuming from the outside, but on the inside they are putting together just what the customer wants... literally.

Chocomize has made it simple for us to buy whatever we want.  You go online and head to the "creation station" and start by picking your favorite base (milk, white or dark).  These guys don't mess around, they are using high quality European chocolate and then the fun begins... you get to select up to 5 of your favorite toppings- from over 100 options of nuts & seeds, fruits, herbs &spices, candy, decorations and other goodies.

I had purchased and eaten several bars before arriving in New Jersey (see September 13, 2010). I particularly liked the milk chocolate bar with oreo, dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.  I called it my "eat more chocolate" bar- of course.  I also made milk chocolate with graham teddies and mini marshmallows- my "smores" bar.  I even tried a combo I found in a different setting at Panache in Kansas City- Milk Chocolate with Corn Flakes.  All were really good because of the exceptional base chocolate that Chocomize uses.

Terrific work Guys- you're on to something really big here..  I loved the visit. Thanks!

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