Thursday, February 17, 2005

NoKa of PLANO? !

Well, I didn't believe it when I read it in the Dallas Morning News. So I took a little drive North. When I rolled into a sleepy strip center in north Plano, I still didn't believe it. The dark chocolate colored Hummer in the parking lot pointed the way. It took a moment to figure out where the door was under the sign. And then it happened... I walked into NoKa Chocolate's exclusive studio, "HelloOHMyGosh!"

NoKa: it has been called "minimalist" for what they sell and how they sell it- I call it cool. In the studio, there is a display counter for showing off the packaging and a display counter with stools for "tastings". All of the pomp, circumstance and professorship of a Napa Valley experience.

4 chocolate pieces and 4 truffles, each different in flavor and lineage, is what they sell: made from expensive rare single-origin cacao- a minimum of 75 percent, loaded with natural cocoa butter- no lecithin or vanilla added.

The result is simply breathtaking! Take a bite and let it melt on your tongue. No bitter taste, no after taste. Just PERFECT Dark Chocolate that is better than the finest of fine wines.

I met Noah and Katrina; they are my kind of people- real Texans (although they are from Canada and here less than a year). They brought their dreams and passions to Dallas because of the "anyone can do anything they dream as long as they work hard and play fair" attitude this part of the world allows and craves to keep alive.

Notoriety is coming fast for them. Chosen as "THE" gift for interviewees at the Golden Globes by Entertainment Tonight, it won't be long before all America finds this rocket ship on the launching pad.

They ran out of chocolate after the DMN article broke the Saturday before Valentine's week- but they are making more as fast as they can.

I've been back 3 times already- My advice: stand in line behind me!

Available also on-line at (great website).



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