Monday, February 28, 2005

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

RMCF- I can't say anymore that I have been to all of their locations- They are growing to fast and I would explode if I ate that much; but I certainly remember my 1st experience in the early 80s. I remember ordering my 1st "avalanche" and the chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick, chocolate covered pretzels and, of course, seafoam! Through the years, no matter whether I'm in Colorado or California or anywhere else their 275+ stores are located, I love stopping by and trying something. Dipped fruit & goodies to fudge to regular chocolate candy, this is Paradise.

Sharon Morris-Zaidins has opened a new franchised location near my office at the Dallas Galleria; and I can experience great travel memories any day.

Today, I needed to take some snacks to a meeting, so I sauntered over and bought the place out! For a quick fix of fun chocolates, find a location near you (like I have) and take a moment to close your eyes and go skiing.




Beth said...

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is SOOOOOO good! I wish we had one here. I loved getting gifts from there when we lived in San Diego and Orange County. Do you know if they have an online store?

Love your blog. I love chocolate, but am allergic, so have to have it in very small amounts.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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