Monday, August 15, 2005

Alaska: KetchiCandies

OK, I'm on a ship cruising the Inside Passage in Alaska and I'm dying for fresh home made chocolate. Then we arrive for a short stop in Ketchikan. I get off the boat to stretch my legs and look for bald eagles when I smell that wonderful "choco" whiff. I passed the salmon swimming up stream and headed straight for KetchiCandies.

HOME MADE CHOCOLATES!! Every thing I could have ever asked for. These guys make it all and I bought it all. I armed my way past the other chocoholics to the counter and walked away with $100 worth of chocolate covered oreos, samplers, grahams, smores, caramels, etc. Enough to keep me fat and happy for the rest of the cruise.

Thank you KetchiCandies for being an Oasis of Chocolate in the middle of nowhere.

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