Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina Relief and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some 20 families, including mine, decided to get together to try and help those that have sufffered so much on the Gulf Coast this past week. Our kids decided to make Chocolate, Cookies and Lemonade to sell on the street in the neighborhood to raise money for those in need. Mass Mutual Insurance agreed to match the cash raised. I don't know what we expected to raise in a 2 hour period on Saturday, September 3rd, but the power of kids, families and Chocolate raised $5000. With the match, $10,000 goes to help those in need--- we hope the Red Cross will put it to good use right away.

All of the extra cookies were taken to a downtown Dallas homeles shelter. The men and women there were so appreciative, as well.

Many good lessons for our kids-- out of a real tragedy, not to far away.

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