Friday, January 21, 2011

Aspen: Paradise Bakery- a Aspen Institution.

This is what Aspen is all about (for me).

EVERYONE in Aspen knows and has experienced Paradise Bakery. Summer or Winter, this place churns out some of the best brownies and cookies and ice cream that can be found anywhere.

This trip I only went once- we had so much chocolate from my Fancy Food show excursion, it wasn't right to add more to that mix.

Because of time constraints, I just got the basics- cream cheese and chocolate double fudge brownies and cookies- chocolate chip, triple chocolate and snicker-doodle. PB never changes!  These delectables are the same goodness today as they were when I had my first about 30 years ago.

Oh yea, not chocolate but the cinnamon rolls are unbelievable too!  : )

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