Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Crispy Plain Chocolate Chip Cookies: I LOVE THEM!!

This has been a passion of mine my entire life. Probably was my introduction to chocolate when I was in diapers.

In my 22 years of "living" on the road, I have tried every chocolate chip cookie from every cookie store I have ever passed- that, my friends, is a lot of cookies!

I contacted Famous Amos about a franchise long before they ever franchised and long ago- since they are not in business the way they were when they kicked off the chain cookie store business (before Mrs. Field's entered the mall business) in the '70s. I was in high school in '78-'79 when I first talked to Wally, in Hawaii. My parents put the kibosh on my brilliant plan to be a cookie maven (college was more important- they told me) and someone else opened the store at the Houston Galleria. Who knows how big I would be today had I started baking for a profession 30 years ago.

I mention that because I need your help to find the 2008 version of the world's greatest crispy choco-chip (today-no soft ones, please).

My Hall of fame includes Hot Cookies' "Crispie Critters" at The Dadeland Mall in Miami and Nam's Cookies available at specialty shops like Swoozies (Atlanta and Dallas). There used to be a great cookie store at Kings Plaza in Queens, NY, but I believe it has also gone away...

Let me know where else I need to go.

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