Thursday, July 26, 2007

London: European Candy Bars

On a recent trip to London, I had the opportunity to run through Harrods. I was very pressed for time, so I went directly to the Food Hall and the Chocolate Section (of course).

I took a random sample of what they consider the best.

Galler- Jean Galler's family has had a confectioner’s shop since 1930 and now they have their own counter and section in Harrods. His chocolate passion seems to eek form his veins. I sampled all sorts of different Galler products. The candy bars are amazing. The most unique are the small, individually wrapped, pieces (almost like small bars) that come in a box of 18 called "Langues de Chat". Your choice of boxes in the 3 chocolates (dark, milk and white) all stuffed with the smoothest of hazelnut paste. The are like small Delicious truffle bars!

Charbonnel et Walker- I grabbed a few bars and was impressed with the smoothness of each. The Caramel Bar was particularly good! It hit me on the plane home that this is the Company that opened a boutique at Saks Fifth Ave. in NY. I had a great Sundae there in December- VERY GOOD place to stop by when you need a quick fix in New York City!

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