Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Candy from Nestle- "Crunch Crisp" resurrects Old Memories

Fond Memories: In 1969, I moved to a new neighborhood, got a new 3 speed bike and spotted a store I could get to on my own.. Stop 'N Go at 610 and Memorial Drive in Houston. That is where I tried my first Nestle's Crunch Bar and oh how I have loved this candy bar ever since! In actuality, I believe I can count this as site of and reason for my first major business transaction.  You see, when I started riding my bike to the corner store, candy was a nickel.  After a few years, my friend the clerk gave me the bad news that because the price of sugar had gone up, so too would the price of my beloved daily snack- to a dime. In shock, I stepped back and ran to the aisle- spotted 2 unopened boxes on the shelf and sighed a slight exhale in relief.  A few seconds later, with my idea formed and business plan in mind, I jumped on my bicycle and motored back to my house.  After cracking open my piggy bank, I was back at the store in a flash.  I purchased those 2 boxes (36ct) + 18 more bars (cleaned them out) for 5cents a piece.  I had just secured nearly a 3 month supply for half price. GREAT DEAL!

The "Crunch" Bar has been on top of my list through 4 decades. Now, Nestle has combined a crunch bar with a crispy wafer, crispies and chocolate creamy ganache to create the "Crunch Crisp".

This is a Winner!!

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