Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Las Vegas: Payard at Caesars Palace

Chef Francois Payard and Caesars Palace have teamed to provide a beautiful Patisserie & Bistro at the Casino/Hotel (not in Forum Shops).

 Payard, known for fantastic chocolates and pastries, has delivered a "multi-layered experience" that includes a chocolate store, full dining restaurant and a delicious french pastry shop cafe, open for all of the meals of the day- breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacktime.

I love the huge grandfather "chocolate clock".  As the story goes, Chef Francois is a 3rd generation pastry chef and this magnificent time piece  represents the history and precision of his works. This 2000 pound, 16 ft high,  25 ft around structure produces 3 truffles every 15 minutes (69,888/yr) and shows off the current time in 9 international time zones symbolizing the "international flavors and profiles that inspire" his creations.

And lets not forget his true calling: chocolate and food.  The crepes are fantastic especially with their own chocolate sauce/paste. Also, the chocolate candy and pastries never disappoint!   I love the wafer bar!

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