Saturday, October 23, 2010

Las Vegas: Teuscher at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort

At the risk of being redundant, which I know I am, I have to say again, I LOVE the Teuscher Champagne Truffle! 

This scrumptious delectable was certainly the first Chocolate item that I ever wrote about and the Houston Galleria Teuscher store was the first "job" I can clearly remember.

Another remembrance: My mother worked holiday seasons for a friend that owned the Teuscher's chocolate shop in the Galleria in Houston.  They needed hands, she didn't mind helping out and so she worked for chocolate.  I would come in from time to time and help also.  I was so amazed with the business model: Starting with going to the Houston's Intercontinental Airport to pick up the fragile chocolate, flown directly from Switzerland, and moving through retail store process, I fell in love with retail. International clientele, the Galleria and then there are those intricate beautiful boxes and packages. 

Herbie had it down, I was so sorry when some of the candy came in "broken", but man did I love to freely eat those unsellable morsels.  

So now that I am considerably older, and I put some brain power into thinking about it, I have my mother to blame for bad allergies (a family joke) and my wanting to work for chocolate.

What a delightful treat to see Herbie has moved his act to Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas-
Same little boxes, Same fantastic chocolate (+ more on this menu)...

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