Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Las Vegas: Serendipity3 - my "AH-HA" moment

OK, it must be the irony of it all.

Here I am- walking the Las Vegas strip- thinking or talking with myself, saying: "what are you doing, Joe?", "are you really out here chronicling all of the great chocolate spots on Vegas Strip?", "are you really going to do this chocolate thing, for real?", "can you afford, on any level, a quest to eat all of the delicious chocolate in America?"

And I am trying to navigate my way from Caesars Palace/Forum Shops (previously discussed) to the Belagio, cutting through the parking area and looking for the fountain that Evel Knieval jumped when I was a kid, when BOOM.......A quick story: When I was a 8, I started visiting, by myself, my Great Aunt in NYC.  Something that would continue for a lifetime.  "Florency" made these pilgrimages so entertaining and FUN: somehow she got this 8 year old excited about museums, libraries and Broadway shows.  Of course, watching Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver and the amazing Mets wasn't bad either, but we always ended up, almost every night, going for a Hot Fudge Sundae or Frozen Hot Chocolate at a small place called Serendipity3. These are certainly my earliest vivid memories of eating large amounts of chocolate in one sitting....and then Boom......
....these memories flood back because AH-HA directly in front of me, blocking my path is...Serendipity3? really?

Yep, it was like a sign from above (actually)...  and yes, the frozen hot chocolate and hot fudge sundae's are still on the menu... and taste terrific     : )

Thank you Florence Marks and everyone else who sent me that Ah-Ha moment as sign to continue my search and stay true to myself and my intentions.......  eat more chocolate........

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