Monday, October 18, 2010

Las Vegas: Max Brenner - The Greatest!

Max Brenner…Max Brenner…Max Brenner….
There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home!!
I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT!!!  It is exactly what I have always wanted to find/create in a dessert restaurant.  (I even wrote my senior college finance thesis on opening a dessert restaurant and here it is!).  Where do I begin?
Let’s start with just the facts, mam:
12+ locations in Israel, 24 in Australia and 3 in the USA (NYC, LV and Phily).  Locations coming to a city near you as they hired an ex-Cheesecake Factory exec. to help with US growth.  Boston is next (yes, there is room for Max’s and Finale!).
Max Brenner crosses a chocolate shop with a chocolate themed causal dining restaurant.  Most things on the menu have some chocolate component- including the cocoa dusted French Fries.  I had the bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich (with the fries) to start. Avocado was more of a creamy spread than I expected, but tasty. Other menus items looked very legit.
Note: On one episode of Man vs. Food, Adam pulled out a win by ordering French Fries to accompany his Ice Cream Sundae Challenge.  Adding the salt allowed him to get through the wall and finish all of the sweet dish. I knew I would need to pull that trick out one day and did it ever pay off tonight, as I sampled several of the desserts on this menu.  This trick worked out all the better for me because the fries I ordered had a dusting of chocolate on them… thanks for the tip Adam  : )
The chocolate pizza with marshmallow and toffee toppings was huge and AMAZING. 

The Milk chocolate iced Grinita drink was UNBELIEVABLE.  Hot chocolate (which I sampled) is milk chocolate ganache melted, WOW.

And then the store: SO CLEVER.  They have branded and created items that make this a virtual Williams-Sonoma for chocolate.  I stocked up for the winter with ever option they sell.  Specially designed mugs for holding hot chocolate close- got it. Well thought out single portion stacked fondue bowls for carefully melting chocolate- got it.  Alice in Wonderland milk shake “mug” with straw – got it.  Chocolate to put in all of these devices and some to eat out of the bag - got it all.

I can’t wait to have one of these in Dallas-hopefully soon. (Hear that Nancy and David- go get them, please).  Otherwise, I will be using many frequent flyer miles to visit…
PS- Max, may I have a “no waiting in line” pass, please.

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