Thursday, October 14, 2010

Las Vegas: Ethel M Chocolates - Shop and Factory Tour

Took a quick taxi ride over to the Ethel M factory. Been threatening to do it for several years and didn't realize how close it was to the strip or I would have done it sooner. Only about 8 minute ride from Hard Rock Hotel. A beautiful cactus garden is the first thing you see- very serene place to wander, especially if you are waiting for a taxi to retrieve you after the tour.

This location has a small M&M store and a separate Ethel M shop connected to the factory. The Tour is self-guided and takes only a few minute. The tour comes to an end with a free sample of one of the chocolates made that day. No chance to sneak out- the tour path dumps you right in the store so you can buy from their large variety of freshly made chocolates.

Chocolate Pecan Brittle is terrific.

My new favorites are the Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles which have definitely made my top 10 list!

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