Thursday, December 02, 2010

Atlanta: Cacao Laboratoire- Bean to Bar in Atlanta

I didn't get a chance to meet the owner, Kristen Hard, but Kristen’s passion for chocolate and creativity ooze from her little shop.  On the first floor of this quaint townhouse just off from Downtown Atlanta, they do it all here.

 Chocolate Pretzels and dipped marshmallows and Cacao’s version of a Smores bar were all fantastic.  For the real chocolate conesseur, a trip to the Cacao laboratoire is a must!

Bean to Bar is not an easy job.  Kristen has created chocolates that are terrific..  Had a chance to get a few “Love Bars”- in particular, “Hispaniola” and “Patanemo”.  These are the real deal 75% bars..  Hispaniola is a dark chocolate with hazelnuts.  The Patanemo bar is single origin,  single estate, single varietal 75% chocolate bar- this is the real deal!  

Way to go Kristen!

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