Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Houston: Dessert Gallery- 15 years and better than ever

Sara Brook is a GENIUS!  As she admits, she is not classically trained.  She just has been doing it since she was a kid-not that long ago- but long enough to have created one of the finest assortment of chocolate items cakes on the planet.

Since 1995, Sara and her crew have been rolling out desserts that have inspired and delighted her customers. I have been a frequent guest of the original store on Kirby- this trip I decided to drop in to the Post Oak restaurant.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have always longed to own a dessert restaurant.  15 years after first experiencing the Dessert Gallery, I find that Sara has continued to improve this concept far exceeding all of my wildest dreams for such a venture.  True to her craft she is consistent-  Consistently Perfect!

Dessert Gallery has a full range of desserts and cafe items: sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, quiche, casseroles and, of course, desserts: cakes, pies, cookies, cupcake, truffles and brownies. Very nice offering and the food is original, fresh and from the finest of ingredients.

I am particularly drawn to her chocolate cake creations (no surprise there) and I don't think there is another baker in the world that has as many original and fantastic chocolate cake choices:  Old-Fashioned Diner Cake, Mom's Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Euphoria, Chip-Off-the-old Block, Jennifer's Birthday Cake, Truffle Candy Cake,  Everyone's Favorite Mousse Cake, The Bog O, Chocolate, Chocolate Cheesecake, White Concorde Cake and Chocolate Concorde Cake...

These are so unbelievably Good, let me try and describe them to you:
Old-Fashioned Diner Cake is hard to find.  Golden (yellow) cake with milk chocolate buttercream icing is never found in a restaurant anymore.  This one is Heaven.

Mom's Chocolate Cake is one of the best old fashioned chocolate cakes ever created.  Just like my grandmothers- chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream icing.

Chocolate Euphoria is a rich dark chocolate cake with chocolate chunks and a dark chocolate ganache icing. Sooo Good.

Chip-Off-the-old Block is a yellow cake with chocolate chunks and a dark chocolate ganache icing. Excellent!

Jennifer's Birthday Cake chocolate cake with a "fudge" filling and iced with milk chocolate buttercream icing. This gives "Mom's" a run for its money.

Truffle Candy Cake is a gooey chocolate cake now filled with "dulce de leche" and pecans and iced with milk chocolate buttercream.  I think this recipe has changed a bit and only gotten better. Chocolate and oozing caramel together- there is nothing better.

Everyone's Favorite Mousse Cake is exactly what it is named- Gorgeous and Delicious cold chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate curls and an exceptional chocolate cookie crust.

The Big O- here is the perfect decedent mousse dessert.  White chocolate mousse, Dark chocolate mousse and Oreo's. Now this is a perfect combination.

Chocolate Cheesecake is great chocolate cheesecake. This one is so smooth I had to step back and question if it was cheesecake or mousse. Unbeatable!

White Concorde Cake + Dark Concorde Cake.  I did not try these at the store but in reviewing the website, I found them; and they look so appealing, I had to mention them.  A cake with "layers of chocolate meringue and chocolate mousse" or "white meringue and white chocolate mousse blend into one divine dessert." Sounds almost too good to be true.  After I sample on a future order, I'll update and review but I can't think of a better combination...

Dessert Gallery- so much to eat so little time. Sara- after 15 years you continue to blow me away!
Congrats..  Can't wait to see what's next!

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