Thursday, December 02, 2010

Atlanta: Sublime Donuts- from sublime to just ridiculous- it is so good!

Sublime: def'n- to convert (something inferior) into something of higher worth.

We have all had a donuts.  In Dallas there is a donut shop in virtually every shopping center and I think I have tried them all. Most are mundane, with a few notable exceptions:  Of course, there is Shipley's chocolate filled donut and Krispy Kreme's glazed chocolate frosted.  Both are in the EMC Hall of Chocolate Fame.

Now, my sister takes me to Sublime Donuts...  and this hard to find, nondescript, hand crafted with love establishment certainly lives up to its lofty name.  Make no mistake, they take no prisoners here. It is closer to the hood than the burbs. Chef Kamal Grant, an ex-navy cook with a degree from the CIA (that's Culinary Institute of America, y'all) is an expert baker.  His goal is stated as "wanting it to be the best doughnut you have ever had in your life". He is "trying to go for someone's last meal on death row".  Chef, put one of these baby's in Huntsville or College Station, TX and I can guarantee you it will be..

I tried the Oreo and the YinYang (original/chocolate)Twist. They are definitely of "higher worth".  Other great donuts, like Dark Chocolate Fudge, Butterfinger and Smores, were sold out when I got there (just before closing), so I expect a return trip VERY soon!

Run there, if you are close!

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