Thursday, December 02, 2010

Atlanta: Maison Robert- and he works in the middle of the store

Maison Robert Chocolates in Atlanta is fun. It is not in a heavy residential area.  It is not in a heavy traffic commercial area.  I'm not sure you'd find it unless you were looking for it, but it is definitely worth looking for and many in Atlanta swear by Maison Robert.

 It is in the French Patisserie style, yet set in a new strip center in Atlanta. They moved here a few years back after a long run down the street in a maison.  This is a family business and Papa Robert still comes to work almost everyday.  I'm told they actually have to make him go home at night or maybe he'd spend the night creating.

We had a chocolate croissant when we got there that was quite tasty.

Chocolatier Robert was at his counter making chocolates when I walked into the shop/ kitchen.  He was delightful and explained his art to me as I sampled many of his creations. There is nothing like talking to a chocolate creator.  Oh the stories!

 I love the simple white, dark and milk chocolate truffles.  They are delicate and fresh.  I also found an old chocolate favorite that previously I had only seen at Andre’s of St. Louis- the chocolate meringue ball.- always love to find this delicacy, no matter who makes it.

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