Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Houston: Chocolate Pizazz- Hall of Fame

I love shows like "TBIEA", "Triple D", and "MvF".  If you are a foodie, you know what I am talking about, if not see below*. I even fantasize about having my own show like them one day.
: )

Every time I watch TBIEA, I  always think- could I say that "this" or "that" is the best I ever ate?  Well, I found one place that fits that bill.  Chocolate Pizazz in Houston!

Helen and Jeri have created a special chocolate plant in the heart of Memorial that requires me shouting from the highest mountain top.  To bad Houston is flat!

It started as something to do when their kids were in school.  Now it is a real business and they know what they are doing.

They mix chocolate with and on and around everthing that I love and they put so much on the goodies that it seems like they re-wrap the chocolate again and again.

I think everything I tried, may have been the best I ever ate in that category. 

This is not artisan chocolate truffles.  This is real food!

Popcorn, Oreos (not just regular but double stuff), marshmallows, moon pies, pretzels... I can't stop.  Not only are they soaked in unbelievable chocolate but then here comes the huge amount of toppings, masterfully loaded all around: M&Ms, toffee, colored sugar, butterscotch chips, drizzled chocolate, chocolate chips,  peanut butter chips... getting the picture?

"Celebration" is the best mash of stuff on Popcorn I think I have ever found on the planet. The Pepermint Chocolate Bark is also one of the best, ever!

No one uses double stuff Oreos but these gals do and they are using somebody's high end chocolate (a trade secret)... put them together and WOW.  I must stop writing now or I will have to get back in the car and drive 4 hours to get more...  It is available online. 

If you ever need to give a fun chocolate gift, go online and buy it here!

Tell them I sent you!

TBIEA- "The Best I Ever Ate" - Food Network
Triple D- "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" - Food Network
MvF- "Man vs. Food"- Travel Channel

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