Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Phily: Max Brenner (Round 2)- Now in Philadelphia

Stopped in Max’s new Phily location.  Smaller than the Las Vegas store at The Forum Shops (see my review last month).  I was able to have a quick hot chocolate and refill  the coffers from what I picked up and ate (or gave away) from the Vegas trip.  I can’t get over how well thought through a concept this is. From hot chocolate to artisan chocolates to fancy chocolate pieces, MB has it all.
I didn't have time to have a meal this trip, but enjoyed some new chocolate treats I hadn’t seen before.  I still recommend getting “a shot” of chocolate.  It is just what the doctor ordered.   Also, get the “Crockies”- Hazelnut praline cream rolled in dark chocolate and wafer flakes.  WOW!

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