Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update: A Great Cookie - Tim Tams - revisited

It has been 10 years since I first sampled (and reviewed (9/2000)) a terrific cookie from Australia called the "Tim Tam".  At the time, an associate (thanks Natalie) brought me a box from a trip down under and I immediately fell in love with the chocolaty crunchy delectable cookie. To satisfy my cravings, I bought directly from a food importer for a few years until I found Tim Tams at a local movie theater- go figure.

Last night, my mother handed a box of "Tim Tams" from Pepperidge  Farm. UNBELIEVABLY TERRIFC! The people that bring us another of my favorite cookies, "the Milano- double chocolate", now bring us the "Tim Tam- double chocolate"!

How did I miss this one.  This is big news!  After Googling, I found the Facebook page.  UhOh, they say that it is only available on shelves from October to March- I'll have to dig into this to find our why, but let's not worry about that now...let's just enjoy the cookie and the day..

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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