Thursday, November 11, 2010

NY Chocolate Show: William Dean Chocolates- Tampa Florida

At the show this year I gave myself enough time to walk around and spend time meeting many true innovators in the chocolate field.  Bill Brown, Founder and Chief Chocolate Officer of William Dean Chocolates, is certainly one of them.  The design of his fantastic chocolates rates among the best, as does the terrific taste of his chocolates. It is obvious he spent considerable time learning his craft. In addition, I really became fascinated with his packaging.  

From a young age, it always frustrated me to have multiple layered boxes of mixed flavored chocolates and not know how many of your favorites you had or not have any idea how many were left while you ate your delights.  Bill solved that problem with a smartly architected box that when opened reveals all chocolates remaining.  Check out my video below for a peak.

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