Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NY Chocolate Show: Big Chocolate

A Chocolate Show would not be complete without the Big 3 sampling their pieces. I don't mean Mars, Hershey and Nestle.  I am talking about Callebaut, Guittard and Valrhona.

Each has a distinct profile yet each offers endless variety of flavors and types to satisfy any chocolate maker- recrational and professional.

Most of the premium professional chocolate makers use one of these 3 chocolates as their base.

Guittard was founded in France in the late 1800s and is still run by the Guittard family- 5 generations later. Known for small batch blending and careful aging, old world processes are still in practice at Guittard.

Valrhona was created in 1922 in the Rhone Valley in France. Well known for it's exclusive selection of couverture chocolate, Valrhona provides products and services to professional chocolate makers as well as a line of Valrhona branded bars and squares sold to discerning chocolate lovers worldwide.

Calllebaut is the leading providers of gourmet chocolate to chefs, cooking schools. customers worldwide.  Headquartered in Switzerland, Barry Callebaut is more than 150 years old and is involved in all aspects of the chocolate industry- from Farmers to manufacturers to grocery and restaurant shelves.

I love attending shows like this, because one can only truly appreciate the subtle differences when it sample him/herself   The big 3 always have new products to try and these 3 let you sample all you want!
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