Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NY: Chocolate Show of New York's Fashion Show

Tonight, I attended this very unusual event.  Unfortunately, my train from Phily was a bit late, so I wasn't able to see all of the 2010 collection on the runway, but what I did see was enticing enough for me to book my trip for 2011.

For years I have discussed attending fashion shows with my friend Gerald (a big time high-end retail executive) and for years he has never quite gotten around to issuing me the proper credentials in Milan, Paris or New York to attend with him.  A few days ago, I saw the Chocolate Show of NY was presenting their own chocolate inspired show, so I caught the proverbial "next plane" to see what a real Fashion Show looks like first hand-- and boy was I not let down.

Everything you see on TV and in the movies was present, including runway, press, girls, ooing and aahing spectators and high fashion clothes.

Master Chocolatiers, like Michel Cluizel and Christophe Roussel, teaming with High End Fashion Designers like Betsey Johnson to create very unusual and extravagant 2010 collection.

So much fun to watch.. definitely a great kick off to the 2010 chocolate show.  Benefiting Clean Ocean Action

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