Thursday, November 11, 2010

NY Chocolate Show: The Europeans are coming... Christophe Roussel

I had a chance to sample and talk to several chocolate makers at the show:

Christophe Roussel: Although there is no easy way yet to buy this chocolate in the US, keep an eye out for this man and his line.  Christophe has the personality and the goods to breakout in the US in a big way.  His work is simple yet powerful.

Christophe is a chocolatier and a patissier and this brings him to the land of Payard and Torres.  His chocolate is beautiful and delicious.  Every sample amplified the ingredients beyond my expectations.  Christophe has a pedigree that has taken him from South America to Switzerland to St. Barts and France- he even worked at Relais & Chateau (see previous post about one of the best desserts I have ever experienced).  I didn't get to sample his desserts but a trip to Paris, La Baule and Guerande to taste first hand is not far off on my calendar.

A few chocolate examples: Christophe makes what I would call marshmallow sticks: From a perfectly designed and decorated box, I found, in multiple flavors, this thin stick of chocolate.  It has a delicate mini cookie on the bottom, with a marshmallow center and crunchy cookie nibs, encased in his chocolate-   it is to die for. Christophe also made a classic american style chocolate with an Oreo center, surounded by Marshmallow and covered in Chocolate- a Oreo-marshmallow-chocolate lollipop.  GREATNESS!

Welcome to America, Christophe!  I have a feeling you'll be here awhile.

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