Thursday, November 11, 2010

NY Chocolate Show: Aux Anysetiers du Roy- Fondu made very easy

At parties, I am the first in line to stick my stick into a marshmallow or mini-oreo or pound cake or (if I want to be healthy) a big strawberry and then immerse it into a big pool of chocolate. It really doesn't matter to me if it is milk, dark or white- just open up the dessert line and start the fountain.

I've tried to make something of a fondu at home, but it rarely works- wrong chocolate, wrong container- to much trouble.  And so, what a treat when I stopped by the Auz Anysetiers du Roy booth.

Now this is clever, a perfectly sized "little crock" stoneware tumblers filled with multiple flavor options of chocolate that you pop into the microwave and voila- fondu, perfect and ready to eat. The tumblers keep it hot for about 45 minutes.  Put the top back on the croc and the chocolate is reusable and reheatable for months- just keep in refrig. between uses.

I counted 32 flavors (but think they may have about 100) and sampled 4. Tres Magnifique!

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